Dante's Hell - A Journey to the Center of the Earth
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  • Francesco Giardello and Boris Acosta at <i>Trattoria Dante</i> in FlorenceDirector - Boris Acosta (USA)
  • Cinematographers - Avetik Balaian in Italy, Angelo Acosta in Italy and USA
  • Editor - Angelo Acosta (USA)
  • Film Treatment - Dino Di Durante (USA)
  • Camera Operator - Francesco Giardello in Italy
  • Original Color Art - Dino Di Durante & Avetik Balaian
  • Black and White Art: Gustave Dore (France)
  • Animations- Angelo Acosta (USA) & Senthil Kumar (India)
  • Art Director - Boris Acosta
  • Music Composer - Aldo De Tata (Switzerland)
  • Music Orchestrator - Maria Eolani (Russia)
  • Sound Operator - Francesco Giardello in Italy & Angelo Acosta in USA
  • Music Director - Boris Acosta (USA)
  • Producer - Boris Acosta (USA)

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    This production, as well as all independent productions by Boris Acosta, will give 10% of the profits to charities that promote The Divine Comedy throughout the world.


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