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The general narration of Dante's Hell film was recorded during February 2009 as one of the most important steps of production. The narration consists of describing each circle and the divisions of the 7th (three rings), 8th (ten chasms) and 9th (four zones) circles of Inferno. This takes place before each speaker talks about the specifics of a given circle or one of their divisions.

The narration was recorded by Golden Globe nominee Jeff Conaway (Grease, Babylon 5, Taxi, etc) who has been interested in being part of the feature film since he heard about it. Mr. Conaway had been out of acting for over a year at the time of his recording since his painful four back operations. This is his big come back in the film industry with one of the most important parts in Dante's Inferno Documented, and later its sequel Dante's Purgatorio Documented.

There are several reasons why Jeff Conaway was chosen to do this unique narration. Mr. Conaway has written a book about Lucifer, which is in the final stages of revision and soon be published. He is also a unique "name" artist that can work in truly independent films because of his Financial Core actor's guild status. You may read more about this special actor's status in Jon Voight's open letter.

Jeff Conaway has always been passionate to be part of Dante's Inferno, so producer and director, Boris Acosta, thought he should have an important role in this film and its sequel Dante's Purgatorio.

Expect something unique!


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